Built: Fairfield Co. Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland
Length: 250'  Beam: 48'  Depth: 23  Tonnage: 2731

The Princess Norah, designed for West Coast of Vancouver Island freight and passenger service, was a single-screw, single-stack vessel of 2,731 tons, with
dimensions of 250.1 x 48.1 x 23. Her reciprocating engines of 2,750 horsepower gave her a service speed of 16 knots. She was equipped to carry 700 day
passengers or 179 in 61 staterooms. The
Princess Norah was a product of the Fairfield yard in Glasgow. She made her maiden voyage in April, 1928, with the
Marquis of Willingdon, then governor general of Canada, and many other dignitaries on board.
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McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. p. 384-85.

1955-57: Operated jointly by Canadian Pacific and Canadian National as the Queen of the North.
1958: Sold to Northland Navigation Company.  Renamed Canadian Prince.
1964: Grounded, converted to the Beachcomber nightclub in Kodiak, Alaska.
1980: Beachcomber closed when owner opens a new club.  Later dismantled, with parts of  the hull still visible today as a breakwater