Built: William Denny LTD., Dumbarton,  Scotland
Length: 320' Beam: 51' Depth: 27'  Tonnage: 4505

The S.S. Princess Helene was built in 1930 for Canadian Pacific Railroad's Bay of Fundy service connecting Saint John, New Brunswick with the port of Digby,
Nova Scotia.

The vessel replaced the older and smaller SS Empress.  The  Princess
had a passenger capacity of  500 in a variety of well-appointing
lounges, with  43 staterooms available for travelers.   Her auto capacity
was around for 50 vehicles, making her a versatile vessel for the era.    
Like most of the vessels in the CPR Princess fleet, the
Helene was
capable of carrying  large amounts of freight.  Side-loading doors were
built into the vessel to move vehicles and freight to the large wharf
elevators at Digby and Saint John  in order to accommodate the
imposing tidal range in the Bay of Fundy.

Helene sailed the route for 33 years.  She was replaced on 27 April
1963  by the
Princess of Nanaimo, which was no longer needed on the
Vancouver-Nanaimo run.  The
Nanaimo had a greater auto capacity and
was significantly newer than the outdated Helene.

The Princess Helene was sold to Chandris Lines.   Extensively rebuilt,
the vessel was renamed  
Carina II. She operated budget cruises until
1972 when she was retired.  The vessel was scrapped in 1977.