Building the Evergreen State
The first lady of Washington State Ferries began life in 1954.  She was the first ferry to be built from the ground up since the Vashon in 1930.  All the other
newer ferries on Puget Sound had either been built as part of the San Francisco Bay fleet or had been coverted from passenger steamers.
 Not surprisingly, the construction of the ferry was big deal.  She would soon become the unofficial flag ship and appear on most of the maps and brochures
put out by the state until the Super Class arrived.
 Pacific Workboat Magazine published a large article on the construction of the Evergreen in their 4 December 1954 issue, just after the ferry entered service.  
The magazine offers a rare glimpse of one of the state ferries being built.
Nearing completion, the Evergreen looks very much as she would when finished, minus paint and windows.
This view of the completed and painted funnels shows the troublesome open girder texas deck.  The deck was rumored to have been accidentally installed
upside down.  It was plated over in 1988, which greatly affected the ferry's stability.
The Evergreen State would only keep this
profile for 5 years.  In 1959 a large central
mast would be added to after she began
international service to Sidney, British
Columbia.  It would set her apart from her
sisters forever after.